Partner with us

“…through us your generosity will result in Thanksgiving To God”                                              2 Corinthians 9:11

Your partnership is important to us. Join us with the following:

  • Prayer–You can pray for us, our family, our team and the people we will be ministering to.

  • Accountability–We need accountability partners to hold us accountable spiritually, financially, mentally and physically.

  • Encouragement–Missionaries need encouragement too! We are never to busy to read an email, a card or a text message.  Crisis Response work is difficult work; emotionally, spiritually and physically. A word from you is an amazing encouragement.

  • Financial–We know God has called us into this work and He will provide everything we need. You may be that family that God has asked to financially support us on a monthly basis.  For questions on our financial support, please see the “FAQ Page”.

  • Thank you for your partnership! We couldn’t do this without you.

Ways to give financially:

Please indicated “Process donation monthly, quarterly or annually” in the comment box for incremental gifts.

  • Mail a check made payable to “EFCA” to:

    EFCA, 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN  55420-1300  *** On memo line please write Passer-1670***

  • For direct deposit from checking account

    For the automatic checking account withdrawal form click HERE   ****Please write Passer-1670 in the “Missionary or Ministry” Field***                          

  • Matching Gifts

    Many employers do a matching contribution to organizations. Please check with your HR department on how to get this started. You will need to indicate Passer-1670 to direct the contribution.         

    “So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.” Luke 5:7


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