Our Country’s Monuments

As we have traveled throughout the country we have seen several monuments along the way.  The monuments were erected in memorial or in remembrance of so many different people or groups of people. We soon learned that we could not take pictures of every monument or we would be stopping every few miles.  Every countryContinue reading “Our Country’s Monuments”

Family, Friends and places along the way…

We have been on the road now for 22 days.  Our travels have taken us from Minnesota through the fields of Nebraska, the mountains of Colorado, the deserts of Utah, California, Arizona and New Mexico, to the beautiful Grand Canyon and the powerful Hoover Dam.  We have seen the roaring waves of the Pacific andContinue reading “Family, Friends and places along the way…”

Is California really that big?

The answer is YES!  Wow, we arrived in California on Saturday, June 16 and left this morning.  We have seen so much of the state from the mountains in the west, through the desert (I think 2 or 3 of them) to the beautiful coastline and the wine country of the Sonoma Valley we haveContinue reading “Is California really that big?”

Today was a day of driving and looking at what God created and wondering…. Wondering how anyone could ever believe that God does not exist. Looking at the plains and forests of Nebraska was beautiful.  You may say…are you the only one that thinks Nebraska is beautiful?  Do they have more than cattle and corn?Continue reading

Our journey to the Field

We want to send out an update to our wonderful journey as we prepare for our ministry. To those who may not have heard Jackie and I have been working on the application process to become missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of America, ReachGlobal. Where we will be working with Crisis Response. This lastContinue reading “Our journey to the Field”