About us

God has gifted us with an amazing family!

Passer 2012-3887We are normal everyday people who have chosen to follow Jesus and His calling on our lives. Rob had been in the construction world for 37 years. Jackie had been in the business world for 25 years. We were married in 2001. Collectively we have 3 children, Misty, David and Brad.

Passer 2012-3880Misty is 35 and works as a sign language interpreter for the Williamsburg, IA School District. She was married in 2004 to Jason Dewitt who works as a dental hygienist.

Passer 2012-4064Jason and Misty have three children our grandchildren whom we love very much and don’t get enough time with. Amina is 11, Anilise is 8 and Riker is 7.

Passer 2012-3874

David is 28 and works in the Minneapolis MN area . He is single but dating.

Brad is 21 and is a senior at Marquette College in Milwaukee, WI. studying pre-law.




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