It’s happening again.  The same feeling I had in August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the flood waters rushed in to inundate the city.  The same feeling I had in 2010 when the earthquake devastated Haiti and the same feeling as last October when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.  A ache in the pit of my stomach and a breaking heart for those affected by yet another natural disaster.  Each time I have watched the news coverage and scoured the internet for news articles, maps of the area and pictures.  I have prayed for the people, prayed for the relief workers and prayed for the private and public servants that rescue people from roof tops and cars.  I have mourned those who have lost their lives and have prayed for the families that have lost loved ones.  And I have cried.

But tonight was different.  The ache was still in the pit of my stomach and my heart was still breaking but my prayers became much more specific.  Father, give the workers the strength to carry Your Gospel to the broken hearted.  Father, give ME the strength to carry Your message to the broken hearted. Reality hit.  Soon we will be one of those workers.  We will be carrying the message of hope and redemption.  Of love and compassion to those that have lost all their worldly possessions.

The song by Brandon Heath, “Follow You” is ringing in my ears.  Several months ago a friend of ours said he thought this was “Our Song” and sent us the You Tube video to post on our blog. I truly want to “Follow You into the homes of the broken.”  We have a biblical mandate to meet the needs of the poor and needy.  Please click on the link to the right and listen to this song.  This is what it’s all about.


Published by Rob and Jackie Passer

We are missionaries with ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Rob is a response facilitator; preparing work for the volunteers to do. Jackie is operations and volunteer coordinator; she will be managing the site book and coordinating the teams with schedules, meals and sleeping arrangements.

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