Where have all the people gone….

Well I just spent the day tearing out plaster on plaster board,  I don’t think anything could be worse. The devastation is a lot worse then I thought it was going to be. 11,000 people out of their home and 4,000 houses affected. There are very, very few with flood insurance as the corp. of engineers, the mayor, all said it could never happen because there were so many emergency routes for the river. Insurance companies said they didn’t need flood insurance, mortgage companies said they didn’t need it. Guess what? They needed it. 
No windows, doors, drywall, siding, furnace, AC or duct work.  Everything has been removed.
As I was coming into town I was driving up the river and could see how deep and how far out of the banks it was. I was thinking how nice it was going to be to work with all the parts of the body of Christ. To see Jesus work in situations like this, can fill the community with such hope. Then I arrived at Trinity E Free Church and no one was here. Trinity has opened their doors to all volunteers. They have set up bunk beds in four class rooms. They have a game room they have built into a shower house, and no one here. 
There are 17 families from this church affected by this flood including two elders and the pastor. Because of all the work from the oil wells there is a shortage of housing anyway so now most of the people with flooded homes have moved in with friends or family. So this makes more people affected by the flood. The water has been gone three weeks and the work is ongoing, but they need help. They are so tired and their friends and families are the only ones to help them.  They all have jobs so it is a long, slow process. The construction companies are not here because there is no insurance so they are stuck doing it themselves. We need to get the word out that these people need help. They had a 36 hr. notice to get out of their homes. Imagine if this was your house, your town with winter coming and FEMA planned on bringing you a trailer to live in over the winter when they have temperatures at -30 for at least 4 weeks every winter. Sounds lovely doesn’t it. 
Notice the water lines up to the bottom of the roof line
We need to pass the word. The news doesn’t even mention it. FEMA said this is the largest disaster since Katrina. These people need help and they need it now. They need to hear the Good News of Jesus in this time where they feel like everyone has forgotten them. There is work to be done.  Not just gutting homes and helping to rebuild but prayer walking the streets, praying with a neighbor or inviting a homeowner to church for some encouragement.  It is 7.5 hrs. from the cities and you could come for a weekend or a week, it doesn’t matter. There are no teams at all for during the week next week and many other opportunities are available in the weeks/months to come before the snow flies. Please Pray and please come.
Thank you

Please contact Touch Global Crisis Response for further information about volunteering at:


Published by Rob and Jackie Passer

We are missionaries with ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Rob is a response facilitator; preparing work for the volunteers to do. Jackie is operations and volunteer coordinator; she will be managing the site book and coordinating the teams with schedules, meals and sleeping arrangements.

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