"Humility and Grace" by Scott Herrmann

Well, these last two weeks God showed me a bit of his grace. I was a little nervous about handing out support letters to my coworkers, fearful of what they might think or say. While I was handing out the letters I was pleasantly graced with their support and encouragement. Then about an hour later, they nearly knocked my socks off when they asked if they could hold a bake sale to help raise money for our team and over the last couple of days they did knock off my socks. Many of them baked delicious goodies and volunteered their time during the bake sale and raised a whopping $738!! It was an awesome display of the kindness and generosity of my coworkers, for which I am very grateful. Oftentimes, coworkers receive the short end of stick when we talk about them. Today, I want to tell every one of them how honored I am to know them.

Thank you Lori, Connie, Michael, Mickey, Gail, Sherry, Jean, Jeff, Carmen, Shirlee, Dave, Dan, Gareth, Mike, Jennifer, Damien, Debbie, Jim Bruce, Gorden, Pat, Mitch, Gretchen, Kate, Kim, Nancy, Jodi, Brett, Burt, Carrie, Kathy, Glenna, Julie, Linda, Sandra, Tammy, and Diane. You are fantastic and phenomenal teammates!

I also wish to thank those that also gave me support from our sister companies IMI Group and 3Wire. I am deeply honored by your generosity as well.

Humbly honored by those around me…



Published by Rob and Jackie Passer

We are missionaries with ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Rob is a response facilitator; preparing work for the volunteers to do. Jackie is operations and volunteer coordinator; she will be managing the site book and coordinating the teams with schedules, meals and sleeping arrangements.

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