Prayer for the Haiti Crisis Response Team

Hello loyal supporters!
We are preparing for our trip to Haiti on Feb 4-Feb 13. Our team of 5 has been meeting for a couple months now and we are 6 weeks out from our trip. We are getting to know each other and learning more about the Lord and His calling for us in Haiti as we go. It is so clear to all of us that He wants us in Haiti. Let me tell you a little about each of the team members:
Scott- Scott is a 43 year old that has worked with Jr. High Boys in our church for years. He was our son, Brad’s, team leader and Brad respects him a lot. His calling to this team came from a request I made to Scott and his wife, Sue to look into the opportunities that MGEFC had for 2011 for missions trips. They went to all of the meetings that outline the trips and decided that Scott would not only go to Haiti but he would join his wife this summer in Poland also! Scott is a researcher and is out to find us the best deals on our gear we need to take into Haiti. He is so far the quiet one of the team…but you know what they say about the quiet ones…they are always thinking and I have a feeling that in the field he will be anything but quiet.
Andrea-Andrea is 37 years old and works in the nursery at church. She is also a teacher so when she heard about a trip to Haiti, it didn’t take long for the Lord’s tugging to become a reality for her. She is excited to get into Haiti and pour God’s love out upon the children of Haiti. The orphans is the first thing she talked about when she inquired about the trip. Andrea is NOT quiet and she is a workhorse! She asks for tasks before they are given to her and she is the first to volunteer her time and talents for the team.
Paul-Paul is the oldest member of our team at age 60 but with his age comes wisdom. He is a historian and has become somewhat of a scribe for our team. He takes notes and saves everything he comes across to share with the group. He is a former construction business owner and his skills in this area will be invaluable to the team and the field. Paul actually has felt the calling to go to Haiti since the earthquake happened in January of 2010. He has followed God’s calling. His knowledge of the word is a blessing to us all.
Rob-Rob is also a former construction business owner. He turns 54 a few days before we leave. As stated previously in this blog, Rob was in Haiti 3 weeks after the quake hit in January and is already aware of what is going on down there and has kept up on the recent happenings in Haiti also. Rob is our fearless leader and is helping us all to trust God to get us into and out of Haiti safely.
Jackie-Jackie will turn 51 the day we get back from Haiti. She is the “talker” of the group. Her motto is “there are not strangers on earth, just people she hasn’t met yet”. She has also kept up with what is happening in Haiti through contacts at EFCA missions and the news. Jackie loves to spend time with people and has a heart for lost people of all nations.

Now for our HUGE prayer request! There has been much civil unrest in Haiti due to a presidential election that many Haitian’s feel was unfair. Another election is to take place the first part of January. Due to this the EFCA has canceled or rerouted all trips to Haiti for the month of January. They have not canceled February trips because they feel that the unrest should be done by the end of January and we should be able to go down and continue with God’s work in Haiti. Our request is that the unrest in Haiti subside so that we can get in there and continue with our trip as planned. If we don’t go to Haiti, we will most likely be rerouted to another field as directed by the EFCA. We all want to do God’s will and all feel called to Haiti. Please pray that God calms the hearts of the Haitians so they can begin to rebuild their country. Pray like warriors!!!!!


Published by Rob and Jackie Passer

We are missionaries with ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Rob is a response facilitator; preparing work for the volunteers to do. Jackie is operations and volunteer coordinator; she will be managing the site book and coordinating the teams with schedules, meals and sleeping arrangements.

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