God calling to Haiti again

15 Dec

Last March when Rob came home from Haiti he said…”I’ll be back there”. There is so much work to do that he knew he’d be back. Well, the time has come for Rob to go back to Haiti but this time I will join him along with 3 other people from our church, Maple Grove Evangelical Free Church. We will be doing a variety of things such as helping with shelter homes, doing a VBS at an orphanage or 2…or 3, loving on children, doing a Sunday school class at a church, helping out around the house and whatever else God calls us to do.

We do have a few prayer requests right now. One is that the civil unrest in Haiti come to an end so that we can go down and do the work that God has requested. A few trips to the EFCA Touch Global base have been canceled due to unrest. We will not go to Haiti if the staff on the ground feel that it is not safe for us to go…we would however then go to where ever Touch Global sends us. A couple options would be the Dominican Republic or New Orleans. Pray for us to have open hearts and open minds as to where God ends up sending us. Another prayer request is that everyone can get their funds raised. Most support letters have gone out and we have had a fundraiser already. Pray for unity on our team and for the health of our team both now and as we go on our trip. Lastly pray that God would prepare the hearts of our team members and the people we will be ministering too and with.

The journey is not over…far from it! God has us walking in His wisdom not ours. And we will obey.

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